The DGP Residential Design Process

Our residential design projects are conducted in phases ranging from the initial meeting where we match your conceptual ideas to architectural design, to the design stages where we communicate frequently to produce a high quality set of construction drawings directly in line with your vision, to the construction phase that we oversee to certify our drawings are comprehensive, forward thinking and seamless to prevent construction delays. We are founded on principles of the utmost care and desire to ensure your project is a financially responsible decision.

The DGP Residential Design Experience

At DGP Designs, we have formed durable relationships with managers, vendors, builders, interior designers and engineers, which allows us to produce a successful turnkey residential project for our clients. We can formulate a project team of the highest caliber to warrant our client’s homes are built or remodeled exactly as intended. In effect, DGP Designs is a one-stop shop structured specifically for your convenience. All of our design drawings are done in house by architectural designers with over 25 years of experience in design and construction. This construction component is key because with an understanding of how homes are built, we can produce drawings to minimize costly construction “mistakes” and save our clients both time and money.


Unlike some design firms, we encourage our customers to request samples of our drawings because we are confident in our ability to meet our client’s needs. Therefore, even if you currently possess drawings done by another architectural designer that do little to satisfy you, we are happy to revise those drawings to more accurately reflect your vision. Each house we design is unique and transcends the latest innovations to reflect compliance with all state and local building codes and technical requirements. In fact, many clients, including other architectural designers and engineers, request our services in part because we often obtain plan approval on our first submission to the county, with little to no revisions.
Whether you are ready to begin your remodel or design build today or are discussing preliminary thoughts for the near future, give us a call today and set up a free initial consultation. You will soon find that you and your vision are at home with DGP Designs and have come to the right place.

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